FYI domain transfer request

I got a mail today that looks like someone’s trying to hijack a (Dreamhost signup registered) domain I own, the text of the mail:

This sounds like complete rubbish. It says I have to click that link within 5 days or they’re transferring my domain. That’s kinda funny.

Something I thought would be good for the archives, and for DH staff to tear apart.

btw: the email’s headers showed and .net, both of which have a cheesy javascript/meta refresh page that forwards to


apparently this is a glitch as a result of action prescribed and taken here:

this is odd…


Ahh - so looks like we’re transferring domains that were originally registered through us but via OpenSRS to our own registration system. Josh - is that what’s happening here?

And just in case you didn’t know, the nefarious “New Dream Network, LLC” is us.

I know who NDN is for sure, this just had so many points of suspicion for me I didn’t stop to consider it may be real, only had that nagging “hope it’s not real” feeling.

I think between the meta refresh pages and the “if you DON’T click this link we’re going to transfer your domain” bit, it was about as unproffessional as I’d seen (if it was indeed legit).

So I guess it is legit then, and I guess if I do nothing it will take care of itself?


Right. Normally something like this would be sketchy, but in this case, the domains in question were registered “through” us in the first place (just via Tucows). I don’t think we’d be able to do the transfers without approval if that weren’t the case. I’m sure Josh can explain all of this better, though.