FXP works?

Ok, can we move some files from a shell account to our backup account?
Because I tried at webftp.dreamhost.com, tried FlashFXP, CuteFTP 8 and did not work.


It seems that it no longer works. People claimed to have used it in the past, but are no longer able to do so.


So you guys don’t support FXP?

Thank you for following up. No we do not.

With backup user, how do we move files?
Download and upload them all? OMG!

Can we do that on SSH? With some command?

Yeah, cURL or wget in shell is super fast.

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Support said we can’t do that.
Backup user has no SSH access.

I haven’t used the Backup User feature, but from the brief line or two that I’ve read it appears to be a free online storage solution of some description for users to keep personal files on DH storage that might be against the TOS to keep on your website account.

In essence I understand it’s for uploading your personal (not for public eyes) files for the purposes of portability, etc. rather than backing up or keeping a copy of entire existing online accounts that are publicly accessible via your sites.

To offer a solution we’ll need to know what you’re actually trying to accomplish :wink:

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At a minimum, you can log into your shell account, and then launch FTP from the command line to connect to your backup account. It won’t do recursive PUTs, but if that’s what you want, you can ‘tar’ the directory, then PUT the tarfile. The downside is that I don’t know if you can untar it on the backup account.