FXF (FTP domain to domain transfer)

Does DreamHost allow this?

I am using CrossFTP and although connected to both domains/users (on Dreamhost) it is not working error 425

Not too familiar with that error - Can I get some more info? What action are you doing that is prompting the error 425? Also, we typically recommend only being connected with one user at a time on FTP.

Also, I scoured the Interwebz and found this thread - could be a possible fix? You could check for any firewall/windows blocking of ports 21 or 22.
O_O Derp, just re-read the subject line!

Re: FTP domain to domain transfer: We don’t allow users to have access to any user dir other than its own, so I’m pretty sure moving files from one to the other in an FTP client would be unsupported. You could do this via the DH panel though, if you just set the domain onto another user in the Fully Hosted settings, and check the box that appears to copy all site data to the new/second user. Then rename dirs or whatever you need to do after that. :slight_smile:

Thanks Elle,

What I have is a domain, fully hosted, 1 single user, me

  • I created a second user, which has no access to any domains or files, but just can FTP to a folder, outside of the domains area, to where clients can FTP some stuff.

So exampledomain.com is me, (fully hosted) and
just an FTP folder (second user) is the place where clients, may upload stuff, which can not be opened by browser, since it has no domain attached to it. Very important for security reasons of course (.exe, .php, ect.).

My idea was that with CrossFTP I could transfer, a file from a client from the FTP folder, directly in to the fully hosted domain, where the client has a private little area.

With CrossFTP I can connect to both at the same time, and can delete files and such from both FTP connections, only transfering (copy) files would not succeed. Which had error 425. It also after a while blocked ALL (S)FTP to my account and had to KILL all FTP connections and wait a while. My guess is that DH maybe temp disabled FTP, due to attack concerns.

If this is not possible on DreamHost then I must first download the file(s) to my computer and then Upload again to the correct accessable folder in the domain, which is not the end of the world, just extra time and work.

Thanks for all the info!

We didn’t block you :stuck_out_tongue: The CrossFTP client probably opened too many concurrent connections and it maxed out at 10, which is why it had to kill off the connections and wait a minute.

[quote]So exampledomain.com is me, (fully hosted) and
just an FTP folder (second user) is the place where clients, may upload stuff, which can not be opened by browser, since it has no domain attached to it. Very important for security reasons of course (.exe, .php, ect.).[/quote]
I think I need you to be a little more specific regarding what you need clients to upload for. The part I’m concerned about specifically is in our unlimited policy:
Here are some specific examples of things not allowed:
Copyrighted content to which you do not hold usage or distribution rights.
File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution sites.
A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.

Perhaps if you just had some other sort of public storage account you could use (e.g. Dropbox) and have your clients use - or even your email if the files are small enough - that would be best. Then you could upload the files from there to your user hosting the site. It would be the same amount of work, as moving all the files every time to your other user. Especially because I think to actually do it, you’d have to download/re-upload the files as you mentioned.

Don’t worry about any policy.
I am and will not be doing any of those things.

It is for a sort of Business Listings Directory (phpBB Forum based) website, where business owners can create a small “website” in the form of a topic for free and add images and video, if they want, just as any forum can do. These will be only related to their business (bar, restaurant, hotels, shops, whatever).

After I have put the files in the correct domain folder, they will be deleted from the FTP folder.

The main files for the FTP will be some video’s now and then, since the PHP Upload I use for “clients” has limits of course. Most customers will only be able to upload video files between 10-20MB, before the PHP Kill kicks in. I know that should be higher, but since I and my clients are located in Thailand our FTP Upload speed is very low. Most will only have 512Kb Upload speed. I have 1Mb Upload and can just manage a 45MB file, while testing the PHP Upload.

Beside that I also will make it clear to the “clients” that they also can put their video’s on YouTube and just use the YouTube BBCode to add them to their Listing/Topic.