Fwd email to php script

A 3rd party script I want to install requires that I set up an email address which forwards to a local PHP script.

One of the examples given in the script documentation is:
|php /home/yourlogin/scriptpath/script.php

There is also a “.procmailrc” example.

I contacted tech support, but they said that “this sort of issue is beyond the scope of tech support to solve for you”.

Can anyone help with this?

Just a bump in hopes of a reply!

Have you tried either of these, and are you having a problem with one of them?

Sounds like that’s about how to do it. The easiest solution is probably to create a new user, and put the “|php /home/you/yourfile.php” line in a file called “.forward.postfix” in that user’s home directory. All email directed at that user will then be forwarded to the PHP script.

If you don’t want to create a new user, the procmail example would be better, as it would give you more control over what email goes to the PHP script. (eg. only email with a particular subject or destination address.)

Note that the control panel uses procmail to do its email filters, so you can’t use the email filter control panel for a user whose email is being forwarded to procmail.


I treid adding the line into .forward.postfix but the email bounces back with the error:

Command died with status 1:
"/usr/local/bin/php /home/[user]/keitai/wp-keitaimail.php"

Putting “|php /home/[user]/keitai/wp-keitaimail.php” returns a command not found, that’s why I went with “|/usr/local/bin/php /home/[user]/keitai/wp-keitaimail.php”


ah, right… I remember now, someone mentioned PHP isn’t installed on the mail servers.

Here’s a thread over in the “programming” forum where people were talking about this same issue. (although that page says php is installed on the mail servers…)


Thanks for the reply…unfortunately, I’ve tried that method also…I’m the last post on that thread…