Future Migration/Exit Strategy

Hi folks,

I am using my Dreamhost account to set up each of my students with their own separate subdomain, plus separate ftp access, plus separate mysql database. So far so good. Right now I want to make sure they can all migrate all their stuff out of my account and into their own dreamhost accounts once the class is over. Is there anything else I should do now to make this process as painless as possible?

Thanks for any advice,

Matt in Montreal


Actually, that migration/exit should be pretty straight-forward if they each have their own subdomain.

I’d make sure that they each have access via PhpMyAdmin to their individual database to facilitate exporting/importing; other than that, I don’t anticipate you should have any issues at all> :wink:


You can add their accounts under yours if they will provide you access. Which should help in the migration process.

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