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I’ll buy a DH plan soon, to host my sites here.
I’m really exited :smiley: I think it’s a really good host because of what it offers.
I wanted to know from experienced and old users, what do you think about DH…
What do you like, what do you dislike, and any other information that can be useful for me :smiley:


I’ll buy a DH plan soon, to host my sites here.[/quote]
Hi, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I am ‘experienced’, but I’ve been called ‘old’ often enough :slight_smile:

The main thing I like about DreamHost is the lack of restrictions. They provide all the tools you need to do pretty much anything you want with your hosting, but you do have to figure out a lot of things yourself, with the help of the kind folks on this forum of-course :slight_smile: . Actually, the forums and the community here is another thing I like about DreamHost.

As for things I don’t like about DreamHost… hmmm… I honestly can’t think of anything, well nothing significant anyway, except perhaps their choice of forum software :stuck_out_tongue:

I just remembered that there is another active thread on the forums at present that also deals with peoples opinions of DreamHost, you might find that thread of interest too.



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What do I like about DH?

Let me count the ways!

– I have experience with a few other hosting companies. Trust me here, DH is the best bang for buck I’ve encountered yet.
– The control panel is much better than that of other hosting providers.
– Access via shell account to cron, among other things is a good thing. Many other hosting companies provide only ftp. … The reciprocal of this is: its enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot.
– Gargantuan disk space, bandwidth if I need it. … I don’t use it all.
– Better reliability than many other hosting companies.
– The price is right.
– When DH goofs, or has equipment/software failure, they fix it pretty quick. Better yet, DH seems to learn from the experience and corrects the root cause of the goof.
– DH is anti-spam. That is: if a spammer gets an account at DH, they boot the spammer when informed of its presence. Some hosting providers are lax in policing their space of spammers. The consequence is that they end up in block-lists, causing your outbound email to be undelivered. See http://www.spamhaus.org, for example. Look for APlus there. It’s an eye opener.
– Although I realize DH “oversells” its facilities, like all shared hosting providers, performance is great compared to other hosting companies.
– I have used a couple of open-source software packages on the web sites I admin. The well thought out and implemented DH infrastructure makes deployment of these packages pretty easy. Their one-click-installs help too.
– DH defends its infrastructure against inexperienced customers who might let a run-away script overload or trash a shared environment. Automation kills long-running processes. The downside is that you are limited on compute intensive jobs. … Shared hosting and all that.
– DH is very open with its operations. The status site airs a lot, if not all, of their dirty laundry. I feel I know what’s going on.
– Unlimited domains/subdomains, large resource provision, makes it easy to develop and test on the same hosting environment that I deploy into. … Developing at home on a Win2K box with XAMPP (WAMP stack) is OK, but I still run into gotchas when deploying.

What do I not like about DH?

There are a few things. All in all, however, the downsides are mostly nits, especially considering the price.

– Although reliability is better than that of other hosting companies, I wish it were a bit better. But, this is shared hosting. If I were willing to pay for dedicated hosting, I’d have a right to expect five-nines (99.999%) availability. I’m happy enough with the 99.5% (more or less) I’m getting. … I’m not willing to pay for five-nines, nor do I really need it.
– Spam blocking, filtering leaves something to be desired. My domain registration role accounts get 30 to 50 spams per day that get thru DH’s anti-spam defense. I need some better controls, knobs and/or plugins to help manage spam on the server side that DH doesn’t seem to provide. That said, DH’s spam filtering is still pretty good.
– I don’t have access to my domains’ mail logs. It would be good to have this. Being able to view my own outbound mail logs would help me discover any vulnerable scripts that the spammers/scammers have exploited. Similarly, seeing the inbound mail logs would help me tune and fix any spam filters. … DH, hear my plea!
– Web only access to support can be frustrating at times. However, compared to telephone access to offshored support some other hosting providers give, I feel DH is competent and I have some confidence that excellent command of english is available among all DH support personnel. … Alas, I’m mono-language. … Depending on hosting plan (I think), you can get a call-back from DH. I’ve used it only once or twice in several years.

There’s probably more, plus and minus, but that’s all that comes to mind up front.

Did I mention that the price is right?

For me? Many of the things that birdsong said.

I am a new DH customer, but I have been using many different types of hosts for a “loooong time” (ya, I work in IT). :wink:

So why I did choose DreamHost? Easy… it met the criteria I needed for the domains I want to use with it.

I talked to several of my IT cohorts that have been longtime DH customers… they are very pleased with DH.

DH has a better uptime and CP than the last host I was using for the domain that I have on DH now.

I like how DH’s management publicly addresses issues and outages, and the overall DH community such as this forum (although UBB.threads needs replacing). :wink:

DH is a local company… that’s important to me.

I’m familiar with the datacenter, it’s other clients, competitors down the street, the backbone providers in the area… infrastructure, that’s important to me too (and I know DH has it and access to more of it).

The rest is just frosting on the cake. :slight_smile: