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I have been experiencing lots of email problems over the last three months. It’s really too bad, since service has been fine until recently.

Specifically, inbound mail is getting dropped (I know this because other people to whom messages are addressed send me notes saying things like “why haven’t you replied?” – highly embarrassing), and outbound SMTP has gone up and down.

I would get email somewhere else like, and just change the MX record so I could keep my sites intact on DH, but I’m concerned that the DNS servers are having problems as well.

If you are moving, I’d be curious to hear what other deals you are considering.


rlprarker -

Completely agree with your points.

I don’t think anyone here has the size of business that could afford that type of infastructure though. I know we don’t. The problem being that real bandwidth (not ADSL/cable modem) is cost prohibative. If I could justify shelling out the $500-$600 a month for a T1, and have our existing DSL line as a backup, that’d be great - but for that I could probably get managed hosting with a SLA somewhere that would be an equally or more robust solution.

As you mentioned in your post, it is a cost:performance compromise with any hosting company you choose. My point was that DH is starting to have too many problems compared to what we expect from this level of hosting solution.

We’re still here because they do have a lot of things in the “plus” column, and moving the site would NOT be fun, and it’s something I really don’t want to do with the Holliday shopping season being here. But we are looking into other hosting companies. The problem being, of course, that you don’t want to end up right where you started in terms of problems. Basically, I’m looking into the hosting companies our competitors use - I have never seen their sites down or unavailable like ours, and they’re using the same types of hosting solution (shared or dedicated servers).

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We are thinking the same way, and I agree completely with you that the fact that we are hosted here most likely is indicative of the fact that we cannot afford, or do not have the expertise, to manage everything ourselves. I know that I don’t have either the money or the expertise :-).

I also agree that, once DH can no longer meet our needs, managed hosting is probably the only viable option for most of us.

I think what is so dissappopinting to many of us, especially those of us that have been here a long time, is that DH used to be relatively free of the kinds of troubles we have been having of late, and we miss the “good old days”.

What is a little scary for me, as I host numerous small business websites for clients on DH, is that one of these days, one of my “little” sites is likely to “hit” (“please, God, let me be slashdotted”, followed immediately by, “Oh My God! I’ve been slashdotted! Help!”) and when it does, I’m fearful DH will not be up to the task and I will be forced to “scramble” for a more robust infrastructure at the very time the site needs the disruption the least. It’s kind of a “chicken or the egg” kind of thing; no one wants to invest the money till needed, but when it’s needed it’s likely to be too late to do it smoothly and without significant disruption.

My thoughts were mostly aimed at the personal/hobby/social networking , not really “business”, sites that make up a large part of the DH poulation in hopes of getting some of these operators to realize that, for what they receive for what they pay, it may well be worth showing “patience” while DH grows and deals with these issues.

If DH can fix these issues, and they have fixed such issues in the past, these operators can continue to enjoy impressive capability for very little money.

It just stikes my as as little ignorant to hear these users’ outrage at every DH shortcoming, and makes me suspect they really do not understand all that is involved in producing waht they receive for a few dollars a month.

Not to say all is well at DH right now! Email unreliablility is becoming a major issue for me and my clients, and it may well be time to move that fuction away from DH. To me, the danger in this is that, given any opportunity to do so, I am quite certain that DH would just as soon get completely out of the email business! I know I would, if I were a hosting provider, and if the market would let me!

Thankfully, for those us us with extremely limited resources, the market is not yet ready to allow DH to dump email as a basic component of a hosting plan, or I suspect we all might be dealing with a web site host and a separate email provider, with a separate cost whether we like it or not. To me, that extra aggravation, complication, and cost is something I would just as soon avoid so, as long as I can, I’m trying to be patient and have faith, that since DH has responded to problems well in the “not so distant” past, they can well do so again.