Functionality of temporary Dreampress site

I’ve just purchased a new domain and am needing to establish a public information multi-author blog site (using Gazette theme). I don’t want to set the nameservers to DH until a reasonable amount of information ( provided by several authors/contributors) has been assembled. This will all be new material, not transferred from existing sites.

My question is, does the temporary subdomain Dreampress site e.g. allow public access via some url with full functionality enabling new posts to be contributed, edited and published, or does it behave more as a sandbox just enabling the site admins to assemble a new site and test that it functions as intended before transferring from the subdomain to the final hosting space.

the subdomains of are all fully functional sites: your wordpress site will be fully available at the temporary url and you will be able to populate its content. One thing to keep in mind is that when you add internal links in your posts and pages, you’ll need to make sure they are relative paths, not absolute to, for example.

This article may have some other useful suggestions for your case (even if you’re not migrating content):

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