Fun with Aliases

Can I cascade aliases? I didn’t send this as a support Q because it doesn’t necessarily seem broken, just that it would be cool if it worked. What would be nice for an organization would be to set up aliases like this:

president ->
secretary ->
treasurer -> you see how this works

then an alias like
board ->president, secretary, treasurer

that way I only have to adjust a few addresses as names shift around. I tried it and it didn’t seem to work. Does the order they are defined or listed matter?

I forget, but I think you’d have to do:
(in aliases for you.invalid)
president =>
blah => user@blah.invalid
list => president@you.invalid

It’s better to avoid chaining aliases, as it can sometimes cause unexpected problems.

That sounds plausible. I’m against unexpected problems, though. I have enough troubles with the expected ones :slight_smile:

You should be able to cascade aliases without any problem, but you have to fully qualify them. So Like for

pres ->
sec ->
treas ->
board ->,,

I think?