Fully Hosting multiple Domains


Hi everyone,

If I am posting in the wrong thread, wrong forum or haven’t read the FAQ thoroughly enough, I apologize in advance!

So I am fully hosting a domain here. Bought the domain through Dreamhost and added hosting to it in one go.

Now, I have registered another domain here. No webhosting, though. If I want to run a site on that domain, can I somehow use the hosting service of my first domain for this? Or do I really have to purchase another hosting plan for this new domain?

Any help and a tip which Dreamhost service best to use for this, would be greatly appreciated.



you can host an unlimited amount of domains on your account. just go to manage domains and add the domain to be fully hosted. you will need to update the dns settings of your new domain to point to dreamhost nameservers.


Well, that was easy. I should have just clicked on Add Hosting, but I thought it’d cost me. Apparently it doesn’t.

Thanks for the quick reply!