Fully Hosted with www different of root domain

Hi folks,

I need to have the “www” cname of my domain point to another server, and the root domain point to dreamhost. For instance, “www.example.com” points to ghs.google.com and “example.com” points to my hosted area in dreamhost.

Is it possible in fully hosted mode?

When I created the fully hosted, the dreamhost’s system automatically creates a record “www” of type A on the “Non-editable DreamHost DNS” area, I did save another record of type A to another IP in custom DNS area, but I don’t know if that overrides the first one automatically created? I tried to create a CNAME “www” but the system blocked due to already has the first of type “A”.

pls help me!

Did you choose “host both domain.com and www.domain.com” when you add your domain to your hosting plan? I am just guessing here that that is the reason a ww record is automatically created.

What if you tried to host only domain.com and add a www cname record by yourself?

The default configuration of fully hosted domains will create both the root domain record and the “www” record. Support can tweak this for your domain if you need it set differently — write in and let them know. We just don’t support having www and non-www go different places directly as it’s usually not what people want to happen. :slight_smile:

Thanks brows! I’m agree that’s not a good pratice have www different from root, but its something that my customer ask to… well, I have to say him that’s is not a good idea, easy way… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much!