Fully hosted site is now DNS only!


One of my fully hosted with Dreamhost websites is now showing me is a "DNS Only¨ site with Dreamhost.

A colleague of mine was playing with a custom cname to deal with an RSS feed issue. I think his tampering is the culprit behind this occurence. He already deleted his modifications so I am not able to verify this.

What I want to know is if I use the Cpanel, and just simply assign the corresponding DB info to the site, will I get my site back or will I be deleting the old site?

Another thing: when I go to the Non-editable DreamHost DNS records the A records for the website (with is IP #) and FTP are not showing up. Again, what I need to know, if I “add” full hosting will I get my site back or destroy it? I have a one click advanced install of wordpress on the site.

Submit a ticket to Support. They may be able to restore your Fully Hosted domain. Beyond that, I’d be surprised if you using the panel to set it to Fully Hosted would restore everything. It’s probably still on the server somewhere, but I don’t think that going back to Fully Hosted on your own will magically pull back in all the old data.

True, I already submitted a ticket…so it is the waiting game now…

Extra question: We had a message prior to all this happening that one of our plug-ins was behaving strangely…Would dreamhost put us “out of comission” without a proper warning or an easy way to go back?

Hi eldifusor,

Were you able to get this resolved? The same thing happened to me and no one was messing around with anything. It just all of a sudden changed from fully hosted (we’ve been fully hosted here for over 10 years) to DNS only. I’ve submitted two support tickets and both have been ignored so far.


I have just had a panic attack having the same problem, and I went round in circles - even messing with my DNS settings. NO NEED!
All you have to do is select Domains>Manage Domains, and click edit (or add) under “web hosting” (all this you would have done in order to get to park it in the first place).
Now all you do is click in the first text box (to enter your domain name) and hit enter, and you are unparked.