FullText Search on Dreamhost

Hi all,

I have an application which is developed in Ruby on Rails hosted on a Dreamhost shared account, the client has come to me saying that they are wanting a full text search function for there members list, however I have heard rumours that these kind of search functions are not allowed on the shared hosting plans, could someone tell me if this is the case and if so what the reason is for this and also any ideas give the client a means of searching by the users names if it is the case that searches on shared hosting is not allowed.

TIA folks


can anyone answer this as my question?

I don’t know why it wouldn’t be allowed. As long as it’s not illegal, maxing out the CPU, or a persistent process, there’s usually not a problem with what you run.


Thanks for your reply Scott,

I thought the same as you but after having a previously implemented textsearch break the app once installed on the server, I did some looking around to see if i could figure out why and this was one of the answers I found, however I think I will go back and give this another try and see what happens,

Thanks again :slight_smile: