Full VPS Backup?


I made several changes to the root filesystem of my VPS which are essential to run my websites.

My question is: how do I backup the whole VPS? Is there a way to create an image of the machine, or some kind of backup that I can use to recover from in case of a failure?

Right now I’m only backing up the folders of my websites, but these does not include all the unix packages I installed and all the config changes I made as root.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated, thanks!


So… any ideas?


there is a “backup you account” tab in the panel, but i don’t know how that applies to VPS and the root file system.

You should probably open a support ticket and discuss. it’s always helpful to post back what you learned here as well.[hr]
searching the dreamhost wiki i really don’t see anything that pertains, just how to restore the domain snapshots, which is where you are re-directed after you click “Automatic backups” on this page. The description listed for automated backups sounds like you could have adapted it for your need. I don’t even see the account backup page from the panel covered in the wiki, but maybe i’m missing it. The content seems to be limited to the “backups user” which is a whole different subject and restoring from the domain snapshots, and it looks like important information has been ‘cleaned up’ because links have been redirected or are broken.