FTPs for multiple sites on one hosting account with One User


Hi all,

New to Dreamhost and seem to be running into an issue. I’m assuming I’ve set up something incorrectly.

I have multiple fully hosted domains on one hosting account. My goal is to have each website run independent of the other “so to speak”.

The original domain name I set up with the hosting account, uktoamerica.com, works great and I was able to set up the FTP server in dreamweaver no problem.

Now I’ve completed the transfer of registration for a few other domains, set them up to be fully hosted on this same account. The issue now is that I cannot set up the FTP server in dreamweaver successfully as well as when on the managing domains screen, if I click on the FTP link under, i.e. idigvid.com, the FTP login will not accept my main user name and password that i use for uktoamerica.com.

Do I need to set up a seperate “User” (even though they would all be me) for each of the fully hosted domain names on the one hosting account?

A bit confused and appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Thank you,


Finally figured it out. DNS has not completed propagation yet, at least it appears it hasn’t, so had to use servername.dreamhost.com to properly access FTP and load up the existing website files.


All DNS has completed propagation and I was able to go into dreamweaver and change from servername.dreamhost.com to idigvid.com and FTP is working great!! Really digging Dreamhost!