FTPed files, but not appearing on site


I’m having some trouble understanding how to properly upload my site files to each of the domains I have with Dreamhost. It seems like they FTP OK, but how do I get them to appear when I open the URL? The main file is index.htm, but I’m still getting file not found messages.

Also, I’m taking an HTML class, and trying to post a few sample pages as part of the work there. I’d like to set up an area on one of my URLs to do that - would that be a subdirectory?

Thanks for your help!


Make sure that you have put your website files in the domain directory, which is a subdirectory of your username directory:

/home/username/yourdomain.com/your files go here

As far as your HTML class is concerned, I recommend creating a subdomain. You can do this in the control panel (same as adding a domain), and go for something like class.yourdomain.com. That will keep your HTML class files completely separate from your website (it will create a separate subdirectory in your username directory).

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