I used to use Filezilla for my FTP, but I read somewhere that my web host (DreamHost) has FTP…is it called cPanel or file manager? Anyway, I can’t find it on the DreamHost main page.
Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

On the “manage domains” page of the panel you can find “WebFTP”, trust me tho… stick with Filezilla, WebFTP is limited.

Only one problem…I can’t get Filezilla to run on an iPad. I no longer have a laptop. I am a traveller.

Looks like the App Store features a good amount of FTP clients:


I agree with Elle, find an ftp client in the app store. I took a brief look at the app store from my iPhone, and there was ALOT of choices [323 to be exact searching just “FTP”], but to pick one to suggest for you I would really need to look from an iPad and I don’t have one available right now… if you still need advice I can check in about 24 hours…

jayarc - I use Coda Lite and iSSH for my iPad - I will say that FTPing from the iPhone is a headache, but the iPad works really well. I can do almost anything from it.