I am learning to use WordPress for the blog, I’ve put a few posts on it.

My blog is fully hosted on Dreamhost. I got instructions to install a FTP app, which I did: FireFTP. I installed it but I have not configured it yet, so I figured my site was not live on the net. But then a couple days ago, I got comment in my email. So someone has been able to see it. Why?

Does Dreamhost already have me on an FTP or do I need to install a separate one?

And do I upload files via WordPress or FTP?

You most likely used the one click installer to install wordpress on your domain. Yes, that makes your domain live on the internet right away. The one click combines a few manual steps like FTPing your files, and setting some configuration options.

FTP will allow you to view and change those files, most commonly with wordpress user will want to upload 3rd party theme’s and plugin’s for wordpress.

Don’t want users to be able to access your site? use the htaccess/webdav tab in the panel to add password protection to your domain. You can remove it later, when you are ready to “go live” (FYI, Don’t check the WEBDAV box on that page.)

Thank you.

I also got instructions to change the FTP Server from the one Dreamhost have me initially to a direct connection with my domain name. But I don’t know how to do that.

In the instructions you were given servername.dreamhost.com to use for “host” or “hostname” in your FTP client (you mentioned you selected fireFTP) which will also always work unless dreamhost moves you to a different server. However once your domain works you can and should just put your domain name in that blank in fireFTP.

I’m probably not going to use FireFTP now since Dreamhost has me going. It’s just too complicated for me at this point.

What I was asking is how do I change the server host in Dreamhost? There are so many things listed in the panel I don’t know where to start.

There is nothing for you to change in the panel. The instruction is for how to FTP to dreamhost. As mentioned before just use your domain name as “host” or “host name” if you ever decide to use FTP.