hi everyone: i am exploring whether or not to take a new client (actually he is a very old client/friend but i haven’t worked with him for a number of years). In the meantime, he worked with someone else that set him up with DreamHost and WordPress.

i want to be able to FTP and when i’m signed in to his account the only option i see for support is the “form” which says i’m having a issue with FTP. As far as i know, the FTP works correctly but i don’t have the information, how can i get that? Also, anything else i may need to be able to do the work (e.g. back-up) on his WordPress installation.

i am used to cPanel and not sure if this set up is going to work for me, but hope so.

all the best
Donna Jones


That information is available for your new client and/or his old designer. You will have to ask them. If the DreamHost account is on your “new” clients name, he can request that information by support and will be sent to the registered email address


hi ronthai: I really appreciate your response. in addition to the ftp information, i need to be completely legitimated (my client doesn’t like dealing with this stuff). what else, in addition to ftp information should i be asking for?

also, i couldn’t find any way to write support except through that form i found when logged in to his account, is there another way that he should be writing to support?

thanks again


All you should need is the ftp username and password for whichever user is connected to the domain name and also the hostmask, user and password of the mysql database where the information for wordpress is stored.


Thanks, i appreciate this a lot. for some reason i didn’t get a email notification when you answered this (though i did the first time). i’m glad i “manually” checked the forum.

all the best


If I understand correctly you have full DreamHost Panel access. If so you can change all user/pwd you need inside the panel after you logged in, incl. the FTP user/pwd


Thanks ronthai: happy to know that. i did manage to get in touch with support. All i could find in the panel was information for the “web ftp”, which i didn’t want, wanted to use my regular ftp client.

i have, finally, become legitimated with support and i think i’m on my way, but not going to do anything more until the weekend is done, to back up WP, esp its mySql and then add new content.

i notice that you’re living in Thailand, i hope the floods haven’t reached you. i have a good “efriend” from Thailand, now living in the states, i need to be in touch with her about her family.

all the best