Hello, I uploaded the phpbb3 folder after uploading, I don’t feel like using phpbb .
So, I want to delete it. I click on delete and all the files got deleted but the folders still exists, I can’t seem to remove the folders anyway.

What seems to be my problem :frowning:

BTW, Iam using FileZilla FTP Client


There is possibly a hidden file within one of the folders which would prevent the folder and all subsequent parent folders from being removed. I haven’t used FileZilla for a long time but you could check the preferences and ensure hidden files are set to “show”.

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Iam now trying with CuteFTP it says, “You don’t have the permission to Perform this action”

But Iam logging in with my Primary FTP A/C

I will check the preference on FileZilla now


I you don’t have permission, that could be another problem altogether. You say you are logged in with your “primary FTP A/C” - if your attempted phpBB install was with another user account, that account will need to delete the files/directories. :wink:



I figured out the problem, there was a hidden “.htaccess” in those folder, I checked the ‘Force show hidden files’ on FileZilla and saw them.

Thanks sXi for the solving the problem :slight_smile:

[Topic Resolved]