I would like to use Dreamhost for uploading videos I am working on and for my clients to see, and for transfering video.
Hope someone can help me with a couple of questions
1, Is there a file size limit I can upload
2, I tend to use adobe clipnotes, which is a pdf with embedded video and I would like the client to be able to download with out having to log in. ie send them a link that they could click on and download starts automaticlly.
3, What is the URL is it really with montecarlo then my domain, or is the montecarlo gone when the account is activated and how long does that take?
4, yes I am a dimwit and it is probabably a RTFM problem

Thanks for your time,


Apache tends to have something like a 2 Gig size limit. If your files are less than that, you’re golden.

You need your domain set up, then just drop the file in your home directory’s YOURDOMAIN.com folder (or create a subfolder there), then send your client the link. I’d suggest you also put a blank index.html file in there to keep people from browsing that directory.

If your files are larger than 2Gb, then you’d have to set up an FTP account for each client, then drop the file in there. This is not a desirable way to handle this.