Ok, I just bought my host and domain, and I am really confused. This is different from my other free hosts.
How do you add files and stuff, what is the ‘files forever’? Can you only use FTP?
How many databases do I need? I will have a wordpress and a forum.

Now to the real question. FTP.

My domain is twodayslate.com and I will be using dreamweaver 8 for the FTP place. Should I use dreamweaver or should I get another one? I only use dreamweaver to complete my tags. I am pretty lazy.

What URL would you use to browse the root of your site? twodayslate.com?
What is the hostname or FTP address of your webserver? Would that be http://ftp://twodayslate.com?
What folder do you want to store your files in? Ok, this might sound dumb, but would it be twodayslate.com?

Can dreamweaver handle sub-domains?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, and I sound noobish, this is different than most of the stuff I have done.

There are several ways to upload files with FTP being the easiest way.

Only you will know that, at a guess you will need two databases, 1 for the blog, and 1 for the forum. For ease of setup you should consider using the One-Click Installs under the Goodies section of the control panel.

Since you already have Dreamweaver, you might as well get it to upload the pages for you, doing this will also allow Dreamweaver to keep a track of any changes you have made and only upload pages that have been changed rather than uploading the entire site.

See this page for help on configuring Dreamweaver Site Definitions. Take note of the section called “To set up or edit the FTP settings in Dreamweaver, follow the steps below:”

Using the page above, replace the settings on that page with the ones below.

Access: FTP
FTP Host: twodayslate.com
Host Directory: twodayslate.com
Login: Your Dreamhost Username
Password: Your Dreamhost Password

This should get you started with Dreamweaver, good luck.

It sure can, if you were to have a domain called “test.twodayslate.com”, you would use the same details as I have shown above except you would replace the Host Directory with “test.twodayslate.com”.

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Wow, thanks for the thorough reply.
That answered like everything!

No problem, happy to help. :slight_smile:

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I press save to server and then I get this error, and then dreamweaver freezes.
Here are my settings: http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/2169/problemscreentl0.gif

Sorry about asking for so much help…

In your ‘Remote Info’ settings, under ‘Web Directory:’ replace the http://twodayslate.com with just twodayslate.com . Then do the same on the ‘Testing Server’ tab.

Also, under the ‘Testing Server’ tab, your FTP server should be ftp.twodayslate.com ( or just twodayslate.com )


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It still did not work, it said it could not connect to host.

New Settings: http://img391.imageshack.us/img391/3441/problemscreenys4.gif

I just tried similar settings here with Dreamweaver, obviously I substituted my own domain/user details in place of twodayslate.com, and it connected fine.

Is it still telling you ‘The remote host cannot be found’?

Some things that you might want to check;

Are the username and password you are using correct? These may not be the same as your panel log-in. You can find the correct password to use by going to Users -> Manage Users in the panel, then click on the Edit link for the relevant user.

Are you running any kind of Firewall that may be blocking the traffic?


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The wiki says it’s supposed to be Passive FTP. Here’s the wiki link for Dreamweaver at DreamHost:


Ok, I did it exaclty as the wiki states and I still get the error.
So how do I change this firewall thing?


Thanks for the help guys.

The email I got said that I should use ibc.dreamhost.com for the FTP server.

Good suggestion Scott.

I have seen cases where a Passive connection was required, usually due to being behind a Nat Router that does not have ALG support for the FTP protocol.

Dreamweaver connects fine here, with and without Passive FTP enabled, but my router has quite good ALG support for protocols like FTP.


Your new settings look fine to me, except perhaps for ‘Passive FTP’ being disabled, try enabling it, as suggested by Scott.

If you have a hardware or software Firewall active, try disabling it temporarily for testing purposes.


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It was the firewall!
Thank you soo much. Thanks for the fast reply too!
See http://twodayslate.com
Now off to make a layout.

Excellent! Well, not excellent that the Firewall cost you so much wasted time, but excellent that you resolved the problem. :slight_smile:

No problem, you are more than welcome.


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OK, I am having a problem connecting my subdomains. Do I have to make a new RDS/FTP server?

I did what you said above (changed host directories but I also changed the URL prefixes) but it does not work. Besides that I should have the same setting as the main one correct? Should I change the host directories on the remote and testing page or just one?

You should change the host directories on both.

Note, If the sub-domains are controlled by the same user as your other domain and these sub-domains have their web directories in the same user home directory, you do not need to change the server details in DreamWeaver, you just need to change the host directory, so that the site files are uploaded to the correct place.

Note also, if you only just created the sub-domains, your connection problems may be related to DNS. It does take a little time for sub-domains to become fully usable.


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That is what I got. What did I do wrong? It is not my firewall, I fixed that.

Actually, those settings looks fine to me, although I have not yet had my coffee this morning, so my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity yet. :wink:

Is the sub-domain ‘forums.twodayslate.com’ controlled by the same user as the parent domain? It should be, unless you changed it when adding it to the system.


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This is the error I get.

The subdomain is forums (go ahead and see it is a phpBB forum) I have to connect to my FTP in order to delete the files.

Is the sub-domain controlled by the same user as the parent domain? The reason I ask this question is; if they are controlled by different users, their web directories will be in different user home directories and you will need to specify the sub-domain (not the parent domain) as the FTP server in DreamWeaver and use the username/password of the user that controls the sub-domain.

What FTP server, username and password are you using when you connect using your FTP client? If you use the same information when configuring DreamWeaver then it should work also.


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Where would I go to find this stuff out?

Here is some info on my sub-domain: http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/3733/web9ch.gif

I was able to delete the files with the webFTP but I would still like to know how to set up a subdomain.