I tried to transfer my files via FTP using my URL and I get an error saying that it cannot connect. Can anyone help?

Hi Cassandra
Are you using ftp. as your URL?
Kate C

I tried that and no go. Is Dreamhost having problems?

Hi Cassandra
Can you ping ftp.<yoursite.com) using a dos box?
Kate C

What FTP program are you using to transfer files?
Kate C

Feel free to mail me at kate@purekate.net and I’ll try and help a bit more!
Kate C

Okay, I am real new to this, I don’t know what “ping” is unless you are referring to ganja and somehow I don’t think you are. Also I am using WS_FTP to transfer my files but it will connect with the dreamhost server. It says error bad hostname or something.

When did you register this domain?
If it’s brand new, it will take a bit of time to be available on the net you know. Can take up to a day or sometimes longer!
As I said, mail me if it’s easier…
Kate C

If it’s a new doamin, you can connect to machine.dreamhost.com to transfer your files. You should have gotten instructions on how to do that with your welcome E-mail.

Also, would you be, by chance, behind a firewall that might be stopping you from connectiong?

A ‘ping’ is a basic way of checking the communication lines between your computer and some server. It’s a useful way to see if there’s issues with connection the to server, or if it’s in your settings. To ping a server, from windows, click Start > Programs > Accessories > MS DOS Box. A little black box should pop up, and give you a place to type. This is a command line. From here you can type:
ping dreamhost.com
And you should get some information back. Your computer will ping the server three times, and report back to you if each ping was successful and how long it took. Now trying pinging your domain name - whatever.com and see if that works. That’s how a ping works.

You’re also more than welcome to keep posting in this forum. There’s more likely to be more people to help you out here, rather than E-mailing someone.

Hope this helps


I have McAfee privacy service installed but I disabled it and then tried to connect and still nothing.

What’s the URL? Can you access it with your browser? Is there anything there yet?

the url is; capricioussaturn.com

wp is installed but i can’t change the themes because i can’t upload anything

easy way to ping from windows

start > run > cmd > ping


start > run > command.com > ping

I tried that earlier I get the right results it seems there is some firewall and yet when I do start>control center>privacy center>firewall>exceptions, then I add capricioussaturn.com and port 21 I still cannot connect.