I am a real beginer in this game, but I am determined to set up my own website.
I have created a website on ‘Serif WebPlus’ as I have no idea whan it comes to HTML, but I dont understand how I transfer my webby up onto the internet. I’ve heard that I need to use an FTP server… but what does that mean?!
Where do I get it from, is it free, and how do I use it?

Thanks to any helpers!!!

Alana xx

You’ll want to use a program like cuteFTP or FileZilla to transfer your files via FTP. CuteFTP you can use the trial version for free (for however long you want) and File Zilla is totaly free. But I think CuteFTP is a little easier to use for somone new to FTP.

You’ll just set up the program to connect to your website - when it asks for the doamin to connect to just enter yourdomain.com as well as the user/pass you set up for the domain. (not necessarly what you use to log into the panel with, but the user you set up in the panel.)

Once you’ve connected sucessfully, you get a directory listing, you should see logs, maildir, and yourdomain.com - Just place the website files in the yourDomain.com directory and then you should be able to see your website when you go to www.yoourdomain.com in a browser!

Please feel free to post back with specific questions.

Good luck!


Make use of the knowledge base to answer these basic questions. You are not the first one :slight_smile:

This takes you to basic info about uploading your dreamhost files to your web space via ftp.


Use sweetdream25 at signup for an instant $25 off your new account. Not sure which DreamHost plan is best? This chart lists the plans.

Smart FTP is a great, free FTP program you can download and use.

In terms of all the little details, you can go to the DreamHost KB and perform a search on “ftp” - it will return articles that talk in detail about what you’re asking!

Good luck!