I can’t seem to figure out how to use ftp. I feel so stupid. I’ve tried various programs, and I’ve tried uploading them the way I thought I should be. Could someone please help me or lead me to some kind of tutorial. I would be very happy for your help.


Look at the Kbase

if it seems like it’s working, but you’re not getting the index make sure you’re putting your files inside the youDomain.com folder.


I’ve looked at the Kbase, and I moved my files to my domain folder but now when I go to my site all I get is a blank screen???

hmm, blank screen means it’s getting a index file rather than showing you a directory listing. What’s your site address? I may be able to figure out what’s happenning.



That site has a main page that consists of a frameset with only one frame, which is done using this frame tag:

It’s trying to reference a file on your own hard disk, which isn’t going to work for the Web (other users, like me, don’t have access to your hard drive!). Also, it doesn’t even use correct URL syntax for this (the correct syntax for accessing local files, not that you should do it in public web sites anyway, is “file:///c:/Documents…” using forward slashes instead of backslashes and encoding spaces as a percent sign followed by “20”).

You should lose the useless frameset altogether and upload the Home.htm file (renamed to index.html) as the main index.

– Dan

ok thx