FTP, WWW down!

My domain g-b.dk is acting strangely right now (started 7 July 07:10 UTC). I can’t login to FTP (“530 g-b.dk: Connection refused”) and the homepage which uses Perl doesn’t run (“HTTP Error 500: Internal server error”).

A static HTML sub-page works though. Without FTP access, I can’t even view the logs to see if the Perl has outputted any warnings or messages.

I’ve never seen this error before, and I haven’t changed a byte on the site or the setup. Is DH having problems?

Luckily the mail service is not affected, but I urgently need the website running because it runs my personal intranet!


Looks like it’s your machine down or machine down. You could check the stats https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=status.sysstat&

Also your static page doesn’t load.

If it shows your machine up then it’s probably a routing issue.

traceroute to g-b.dk (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 5.341 ms 4.413 ms 4.208 ms
2 ( 48.23 ms 20.319 ms 31.237 ms
3 ( 52.174 ms 46.152 ms 14.917 ms
4 ge-5-1-189.ipcolo1.washington1.level3.net ( 35.722 ms 29.576 ms 35.746 ms
5 ae-2-56.bbr2.washington1.level3.net ( 27.955 ms 45.206 ms 18.225 ms
6 so-0-1-0.bbr2.losangeles1.level3.net ( 81.026 ms 123.222 ms 76.32 ms
7 so-10-0.ipcolo2.losangeles1.level3.net ( 79.17 ms 103.177 ms 77.251 ms
8 ge1-l3.dreamhost.com ( 82.513 ms 112.538 ms 118.9 ms
9 * * *

Ping has started …

PING g-b.dk ( 56 data bytes

g-b.dk ping statistics —
10 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

Edit: Everything seems to be working now


I agree, it’s working now. What a strange hiccup. Could this have been an unscheduled server reboot? There’s no outage listed in the stats page, by the way.

I guess I’ll go and recall that support incident…


Just to close this thread, here’s another example of the fine response time from support. Within an hour of writing to support, I received a reply from them: