FTP write not working

Hi all Dreamhosters.

A month or so ago my FTP stopped letting me overwrite files. This is with my CuteFTP program and using the webftp program that DH provide.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

I get around the problem by deleting the file I want to overwrite or renaming it, then uploading the new file.

Cheers everyone,

I am not familar with that program. You could look through the preferences and see if it offers a file locking system. If you can not find anything, then open a support ticket and let DH look at your account, who knows maybe something went wacky. lol.

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Thanks for your post,

Well it is on my CuteFTP program and on my webftp, so that kind of eliminates the CuteFTP program, I guess it must be something server side, I cant think of anything I can do my end unless I SSH into my account and check the write permissions of the folder with my websites in?