FTP with Dreamweaver

I think I have the username password and ftp address correct,

But I cannot upload my site. I can connect to the remote directory though.
Do I need to set the server model?
Anyone have an idea why I can’t upload my site?

Do a quick test using your browser. Most browsers will allow you to connect via ftp.
If you are able to connect, then you know your setting are correct. If not, then you can contact DH and find out why.
Once you connect you will see several folders including one that is the same as your domain name. That is the folder you must put in Dreamweaver to access your site.

My website

You may have uploaded the files to wrong folder.

When you connect from Dreamweaver remotely, you will be brought to your home folder by default. If you check the remote files in Dreamweaver, you should see three folders, “Maildir”, “Logs”, “yourdomain.com”.

You should upload files into “yourdomain.com” folder.

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