FTP Wiped Clean on Megaman?


Jut reporting an issue in case anyone else has experienced it…

Wow. I was doing some work on my sites this morning – a nice change from the past few days of lag time issues. After a routine FTP upload, I started getting 404 errors and couldn’t get into FTP again.

A quick trip to the Dreamhost panel, I reset my password and went back to FTP . . . only to find that everything was gone, wiped clean. Nothing but an empty log file.

I’ve submitted a few support tickets to Dreamhost on the subject, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this during the Blingy/Megaman foo? Any hope that Dreamhost has or can restore all my files?

Fingers crossed,



Yup, I only have maildir and logs in my ftp.



All of my files are gone too. My website says 403 forbidden. This is really bad.


yeah everything is gone, 403 errors everywhere!


I’m sure everyone is tired of the Blingy problems, and this problem you’re seeing is part of the attempt to make it right. One of the data globs is having to be restored and since it’s so large it’s taking a bit longer.

So, this is directly related to this status post:


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  • DreamHost Technical Support


Good news and follow Up from Dreamhost team:

My sincere apologies for the downtime and what appears to be loss of
data. We had a problem with a move from one file server (titanic) to
another and we’re restoring data now. Nothing has been lost, but it is
taking a while to restore all the files. Thank you so much for your
patience. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns
regarding this matter.

Here’s hoping it gets worked out soon…