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I’m a n00b reseller. I’m trying to set up my new client (the person kind of client) so that she can FTP to her site. Shouldn’t be that friggin hard–and it probably isn’t if someone could explain it to me–please?
I set her up with a Web ID. Well and good. I can log in to the Dreamhost Web Cpanel with that username and password, but if I try to FTP via the panel, it tells the login is incorrect. Does she need a different name/pwd to do that?
If I try using an FTP client, it refuses the login as well, but I expected that. So I created an FTP user for her. I can login with that, but only into her home folder–and I can’t get from there, apparently, to the root folder for her web.
A few days ago, I tried switching the CGI for that domain to her User. I don’t know why–it seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, that seemed to break the site (bad_httpd_conf error), so I’m a bit reluctant to try that again, and I haven’t been able to find that page again anyway.
I really don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t feel like these intricacies of management are well explained anywhere in the Knowledgebase, and I’m not very Unixy so I’m easily confused. Anyone got time to straighten me out? Thanks in advance for any and all help.


you must create a user name for her under the users section of the panel. you may also want to grrant shell access.

Once you have created the user, you can then switch the domain to excuite cgi as her user name, that way when you FTP in with her user name/pass she will have acess to her domain and not any others. To edit the user for the domain, go into the panel, Domains> Manage then click edit across from teh http service under for her domain. Pick her user name from the drop down menu and click update.

Wait about 15 min or so for changes to take effect, and then everythign should be good to do.


This wiki article may help explain things too!



Thanks! I did that, and it worked like a charm. I think what happened the first time is that I didn’t wait after creating the user.


The Wiki was very helpful, too. Just to see if I have this straight: If I want to set up a client so she can receive mail and FTP to her site, all I really need to do is create one FTP User for her, right? No need for a Mail User, a MySQL User, or a Web ID.
But if I want to add some email addresses for her (variants of her FTP User address), I would create a Mail User and a bunch of addresses for that Mail User, and forward all that to her FTP User address, right?
How about stats? I know she could just look at her logs, but what if she’d like to have them analyzed? Would she be able to access her stats through the Panel if I set her up with a Web ID just for that?
Thanks for the help!

[quote]you may also want to grrant shell access.


Beware that by default this gives her access to all your files.

And to a list of all usernames on your server, alarmingly.

Thanks, Chris. I’ve no intention of granting shell access.

All FTP and Shell users are ALSO Mail users. You don’t need to create a separate mail user just to add extra addresses. You can just make the addresses and point them to the ftp user.

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[quote]All FTP and Shell users are ALSO Mail users.


That’s not what I find. e.g. “Add new user” with “(no address please)” creates only the FTP/shell user instance - no mail instance. So

[quote]You can just make the addresses and point them to the ftp user.


doesn’t work - the user is not shown on the address’s list of available mailboxes.

You do need to ensure “Add new user” is given a address, else you’ll not get a mail user.

Ah, right you are. We’re going to update the web panel to remedy this situation, but for the next few weeks just make sure to create an email address when you initially set up the user.

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[quote]We’re going to update the web panel to remedy this situation


May I may a request that this not lose the option to create just an FTP/shell user only? i.e. a user with a FTP/shell instance and no mail instance. This could be valuable, e.g. for keeping the mailbox list uncluttered, and for when the mailbox qty is at its plan limit.

Yeah, we’re going to keep this option. We’re going to add the ability to later add in a mailbox associated with the ftp user if necessary.

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That’s good to hear. Thanks.

Hi Dallas.

Your web interface has an option to NOT choose to create an email for said such users. I used this option to not create email accounts for ftp users, yet they were created. Either this, or I mistook the option when the form came up to create a user"@domain.com" or “don’t give this person an email”, or something like that.



FWIW I’ve found that option (“no email address, please”) works fine, as advertised.

Hi Chris. For some reason I got reported emails sent to the admin account email.

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What do you mean by “reported emails”?

When you create ftp users, you can choose if there are email accounts made or not. I received emails indicating that they were indeed made. However, the accounts were not made, but the ftp folders have maildir folders in them.

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The Maildir folders are created automatically and do not necessarily indicate that the user account has been set up as a mailbox.

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Aha! Sounds like the long-known delay problem. The notification arrived, but the actual creation takes place only after a further period.