FTP vs. WebDAV

Can anyone shed some light on the relative merits of FTP versus WebDAV on a WinXP Pro box? If I’ll occasionally have to access files from machines that other people control, and if enabling WebDAV for any particular folder means that I can no longer get in there by FTP, does that mean that WebDAV–aside from any other pros or cons–makes sense only if the folder needs to be reached from a machine under the user’s general control? In other words, in what ways is WebDAV better than FTP or SFTP?


WebDAV Pros:

  • Mount directory locally
  • Multiple users per directory

Neither of those are going to happen with FTP. Though, with XP Pro there’s not much difference for the connection.

I have some apps which are WebDAV only, so FTP isn’t an option.

From a FAQ at webdav.org.

I just wish it didn’t have to interfere with permissions. All files stored in the webdav dir ends up being controlled by apache instead of your username.

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