FTP vs Users


I found my first major complaint with Dreamhost. I’ve dealt with other hosting companies, including 1and1 for my personal sites, and I’ve never encountered this. I don’t understand the reasons or logic behind treating users as FTP accounts, etc.

I have existing websites hosted here at Dreamhost. My company is hiring a consultant to do some work for us to an existing site, and I can’t create just a plain and simple FTP account to grant them access. I do not want to make them a user, nor is there any need to have home directories, etc. Had I known this ability was not available, I would have chosen another host.

With 1and1, for example, I can create an FTP account…just an FTP account, and grant them access to some or all of my hosted space. It’s easy, straightforward, logical, etc. I simply don’t understand why this isn’t an option here…why FTP accounts must be users, and vice versa.

Am I missing a simple option, or is it really this complicated?


sounds like you might be using a windows platform at 1 and 1… regardless it doesn’t work that way here…

you can use passwordless login with multiple authorized keys, that doesn’t allow you to divide up the space or what they have access to but it does let you revoke access by deleting their key.