FTP Users

When I set up my domain I also created a user with shell privileges and I use that user for ftp access. This gives me access to all the folders in the domain, including all the subdomains. I didn’t have to do anything to give this user that level of access so I’m presuming that it just comes with the fact that it was the first user.

My structure is like this:

I’d like to create another user that would have ftp access to only shop.domain.org. When I create another user (as ftp only or as shell) they have access only to their own home directory. I know about remapping a sub-dir, but I get the impression that remapping would result in only the new user having access to shop.domain.org and the original user no longer having access.

Am I understanding this correctly? I’d really love to be wrong about this!


This may be of some use to your situation:

this saved me a lot of problems, thx