FTP Users

Sorry if this should be in the Newbie section.

I have a website myweb.com
I have set up a subdomain internal.myweb.com

I have provided ftp access to myweb.com with User1 and password1
I have provided ftp access to internal.myweb.com with User2 and password2.

User1 can see myweb.com and internal.myweb.com and create folders in internal.myweb.com

User2 cannot see myweb.com and can see internal.myweb.com but not the folders created by User1. User2 can create folders; these will not be visible to User1.

This is not wnhat I want. How can I make User1 be able to access the whole domain and subdomain, whilst User2 can only access the subdomain?

Tony Barry

Unix Groups should come in handy

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