FTP Users

How can I give more than one user user access to a folder using FTP?

I have a main user (Me) who has access to all files and folders on the FTP, but I want to add a second user, and only allow that user access to a folder, so we can both work on a project, I don’t want to give him my main account info though.


You can’t do that using FTP because one is restricted to their home directory. Two people will have to use the same user to access the same directory.

Two users can access the same directory using SSH/SFTP, but then you have to be careful about ownership and permission issues.

You fail to mention whether or not one would need to access the directory over the web. That complicates matters.

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I’m not sure what you mean by that, but I am going to guess that you mean it is needed for web use, and all I want it for is uploaded and downloading files.