Ftp users


I’m fairly new to dreamhost but have a question for the group.

I’d like to set up my ftp folder hierarchy as such that one main folder has a number of subfolders, one subfolder for each client (or user). That way clients cannot view other clients files.

I would like each client to have a separate ftp user name and be able to access only his/her folder.

The reason for this is that I have this standard folder hierarchy set up on my PC and am using “FTPSync” to upload my current files to the ftp site all at once.

It seems though that dreamhost sets up folders under the user name first, then subfolders under that.

Any suggestions as to how this user access might be set up? Am I missing something?

Yes. On DreamHost it is impossible to setup a directory structure like the one you describe. You do not have a “super” user or the ability to nest home directories.

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