FTP Users

Any suggestions on the best way I can setup an FTP service, so that my clients can login and upload files to the server. Ideally I need some way to manage the users. Any suggestions?

If each user is only going to upload a few files at a time, then a web interface is always good…


Thanks for the reply, basically I’d be setting this up for a client a photo lab. They have about 3000 clients and want cleints to be able to send them digital files for printing. They’re would only be one or two files probably from a small group of users. But i’m wonderring how I should handle usernames and passwords, etc. It strikes me that there is the easy way to do it (which requires more work by the client) and the hard way with user accounts and a database etc. Does anyone know of any prebuilt PHP scripts that could run this kind of system?

Thanks for the link, sorry I dodn’t see that before. New to these forums. Looks like what I’m after. :slight_smile:

Do keep in mind that PHP’s maximum upload size is 7 or 8MB - if you expect uploads large than that ftp will be the way to go.

http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.ftp.php info on php’s ftp functions, there’s a sample snippet and the user comments at the bottom have a few good links to scripts

htacess could be a nice easy way to maintain a user/pass list for the script via the Dreamhost admin panel. nanoFTPd looks like you could maybe tie user auth into it as well.


hm, I don’t think Dreamhost’s php supports ftp, good golly…

Can a DH staffer confirm this?


Thanks for warning me about that. I just checked phpinfo, the MAX Upload it’s set at 7M. I wonder if DH can change that?

I was hoping to sign up a new client with DH. But it looks like they need unlimited ftp users which they can get over at http://www.digitalpacific.com.au/hosting.php

from what I understand, DH is limited to 15. Anyway.

40 M would be fine, but if you check my phpinfo page re: http://www.suture.net/phpinfo.php it clearly shows that

“upload_max_filesize” is set at “7 M”

I was hoping to install some kind of PHP Upload Manager like the one featured here. http://www.xylium.com/script.php?script=phpuploadmanager

Basically I have a client who is a Photo Lab and they have about 3000 customers. We want their custommers to be able to submit digital files through either FTP or some kind of web-based upload panel. The DH plan only comes with 15 FTP Users, which isn’t much help since we really need an unlimited amount.

I have seen other web hostng plans such as Feature Price and Digital Pacific with Unlimited FTP Users. It looks like I’ll end up being forced to go with one of these.

code monster, plan3 inlcudes anonymous FTP

with all of the plans you could make an ftp user to be shared, and require the uploaders to name their uploaded files to identify the jobs. I work with an online printer that does it this way and it’s no bother for me.

If your users are savvy it shouldn’t be a big deal


The setting on your machine may not necessarily be the same setting as on the webmail machines. I’ll look into this, though - it does seem that the higher limit has gotten overwritten somehow.

Thanks for that, but my interest isn’t with webmail but rather uploads using PHP to the web server.

Ahh. Missed that – sorry.

That’s unlikely to change, but I will pass the word along.

Is it somehow possible to get a Dreamhost account with Unlimted FTP Users. I have a new client that needs this option. I just tried ‘Feature Price’ but that was a real disaster.