FTP Users with limited access


I’ve got a domain at thefourthage.org, a Rome: Total War mod that changes RTW to LotR.

We are currently in the beta-stage, and we’d want to create a new folder which the beta testers can access, but we don’t know how!

I’ve already created an username for them, but how can I allow them to only access the “beta”-folder??

It is important that they can only access this folder, since the more sensitive info is located in the other folders :wink:

I’ve also tried to upload files to downloads/, and then allow users to download it with the right user and pw using .htaccess, but it didn’t work, it just blocked the whole domain! The site and the forums were down. So I had to remove it, even though a friend experienced in .htaccess helped me :frowning:

Thx for any help :slight_smile:

The answer to all those questions can be found in the wiki at http://wiki.dreamhost.com


Maybe, but I’ve looked at that and it won’t help me :frowning:

This is all that’s said about FTP users:

n order to upload a website you’ve created to DreamHost’s servers, or make changes to an existing website, you need to create an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) user at the DreamHost Control Panel’s Users > Users area.

Every website hosted with DreamHost is “owned” by exactly one FTP user… however, an FTP user may own more than one website (each one would have its own directory under the FTP user’s root directory).[/quote]
I’ve added the usernames, but I can’t allow them to use this specific folder only :frowning:

If it’s deep in the wiki, could you link it to me plz?

Look at remapping subdirectories


Umm, theres no such topic, even with searching…

EDIT: Now I found it, but I wanna have a directory above the URL, not in it!

Like dreamhost\beta testers, instead of dreamhost\thefourthage.org\beta testers.

OK, so now I’ve remapped www.thefourthage.org/beta to home/fatw/beta. I should upload the files to dreamhost.thefourthage.org/beta, right? But how should the “beta testers” then access this? I really don’t understand this! :frowning:

Isn’t it meant for them to be able to access it through the FTP? Plz help!

Have you reviewed these recent topics?




With all the links you have been offerred, if it still isn’t clear, I’m not sure what to tell you. I’m also not clear why you would want the beta testers to access via ftp, as opposed to just having them download the files from a web directory via http.

It is your site, and you should do it the way you want to do it, but that is going to be difficult if you don’t understand what is involved.

If the goal is to simply provide a password protected way for beta testers to download beta files, I would suggest that “simpler is better”: set up a directory under your domain (for example path of /home/yourusername/thefourthage.org/beta ,which will result in a url of “http://www.thefourthage.org/beta” being reachable from the web), and protect that from the general public by making it a password-protected directory using .htaccess.

You can either do the .htaccess stuff yourself (not reccommended in this case, as you indicated you and your friend had already tried that, and it didn’t work), or you can use the control panel to manage the .htaccess process for you. After clicking the preceeding link:

1 - select your domain (I suppose it is thefourth.org),
2 - enter the name of the directory where indicated,
3 - “check” the box next to "Password-protect this dir?"
4 - make sure the “Enable Webdav?” box is not checked
5 - Enter a “name” for the “Pop-up box” to display
6 - enter one or more user password combinations
7 - leave the following section blank (you shouldn’t need it for your purpose)
8 - click the “Configure This Directory” submit button at the bottom of the page.

Wait 10 minutes or so for it to “kick in” - be patient, it might take longer.

Now when you browse to that directory by entering http://thefourthage.org/beta, or whatever you named it, you will be presented with a user/password authentication box. Type in the correct info and you will be taken to the directory.

To put the files in the directory, FTP them to that directory, using your user account.

This will make it easy for you to manage the files, allow you to limit access to them to those to whom you have provided a user/password, and greatly simplify your life.

Unless you need other users to be able to upload their own “betas”, the whole extra ftp user/re-map sub-directory, dance is completely unnecessary.


Thanks alot rlparker, just what I want, I doubt the “beta testers” will need to upload anything, this is ideal! :smiley:

I will now try this.

EDIT: It works, but there is no pw-protection? Maybe I should just wait for a few min more…

Yes, you should give it a bit of time. In case you are not that familiar with directories/sites protected with .htaccess, remember that once a user has successfully authenticated, they will not be asked again until browser in shut down :wink: .

In other words, if you have ever successfully authenticated, you will not see the prompt again, so make sure you completely “close down” before testing again.

If you want to pass me the url (via PM) I’ll check it out for you.