Ftp users vs subdomains

I am in general a very satisfied DH customer. One thing I am having a dog of a time is letting my students have their own ftp accounts. On other hosting services, I could set them up with their own passwords and directories and they could have an address like user.tokyoprogressive.org
or tokyoprogressive.org/~user/

But here it seems different–probably just more powerful, and since I do not need the power, I find myself not understanding through two attempts from support.

First I created an FTP user called nbs. But while he could upload his files, he could not see them on the web.

I was told by support it is better to avoid nested so and sos…and was already lost, but then he said to create NEW

So I created a sub domain called nbs and said fully hosted I recall. But that did not do anything.

So I am stumped. How to have a person (new ftp user?)
have a subdomain where their files show up?

PS Thanks to all who have helped recently with video.

Suddenly had to move out of the house and am now in a new place with no computer or net for a few weeks and must rely on Internet Cafes…in Japan, not that many believe it or not…


paul in japan

Create the user (with default home directory; e.g., /home/user), create the subdomain, and put the subdomain in that user’s home directory when you set it up from the panel.