FTP users question

Hi All,

I just have a question regarding FTP’ing files to the dreamhost server website. Can ANY user ftp files to the website or does it have to be the original user that was created when you register? None of my newly created ftp users can see the place to update web files.

thanks for the help

Actually, what is happening is FTP is used to upload files to the home directory of a user. A home directory just a storage location set aside for that user.

Then, a program called a web server is actually running the web site. This web server is configured to look for the web-accessible files in a directory owned by a particular user.

No, the FTP user that can manage the files is the “CGI user” as specified in the settings for a “Fully-hosted” domain or subdomain, and you get to choose which user is the CGI user.

So this means you do not have any domains or subdomains that specify them as a CGI user. If you intend for these people to upload files for the same domain/subdomain, they will need to share the username/password for the CGI user.

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Yeah, what I didn’t realize is that FTP users are chroot’d to their own personal home directories. I falsely assumed that all FTP users would log into the same directory (that being the documentroot of the webserver) but that is obviously not the case.

Thanks for pointing out the “CGI user” option for the domain, that’s all I needed to know.