FTP users question

I was thrilled to see that my plan was upgraded, and I now have 5 FTP users. I set up one as a test, and sucessfully uploaded. I can’t seem to find the URL for what I’ve uploaded, however. I have the options set so that
Home Directory: /home/chng

I’ve tried varations on this: http://www.MyDomain.com/MyFirstUser including but haven’t been able to find anything that works. I’m sure the answer is right in front of my nose - if someone would point it out?

Thank you in advance,

If your username is chng, then your home directory or “tilde” directory is indeed /home/chng

But that’s not where web pages go. That directory contains all sorts of configuration information that you do not want published to the entire world, for the sake of security if nothing else.

On the web adminstration panel, click on “Manage” under “Domains” The page that appears will show each of your domains separately. In the column headed “Service Type”, go down to “Web” and then across to the sixth column (“Modify”) and click “Edit”

On the page that appears, under the radiobutton that says “A fully hosted domain”, there should be a line that says “Web Directory: /home/”, then “chng” in a select box, then “/”, then a text input field with (probably) something like “www.yourdirectory.com” or “public_html” in it.

Your Web Directory (also known as your “htdocs” directory) is where “index.html” would go, for a URL of “http://www.yourdomain.com/index.html”. Of course, you can create subdirectories of that directory, which would be reflected in the URL accordingly.

Does this answer your question?