FTP Users - I'm pulling my f'n hair out here!

Okay, as we know, Dreamhost is - for whatever reason - one of the only hosting providers out there who don’t let you setup a nice & easy FTP account for anyone & everyone to use (ie: ftp.yourdomain.com). It’s annoying as hell, but I’m gradually accepting it.

As well, they don’t let you allocate FTP access to various different users where & when necessary - not unless you’re willing to give up your own ‘master’ control over everything.

But where I am getting REALLY frustrated is trying to setup specific FTP access for a new user account. I jumped through all of their retarded hoops by setting up an entirely new user account that will be shared by multiple people, but when trying to specify a specific director path, it doesn’t let me. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  1. I setup a new user account that we’ll just call USERNAME.
  2. I tried to remap the subdirectory so that USERNAME only has FTP access to “shareddomain.com/ftp”.
  3. While it worked and disappeared from my ‘master’ account, when you login using USERNAME, it doesn’t automatically drop you into that specified path. Instead, it still shows you the main root directory, makes you click the “shareddomain.com” folder and THEN finally takes you to the destination of “shareddomain.com/ftp”.

Why is that a problem? Because I don’t want anyone on this account to ever see the root directory, let alone have the option of uploading/deleteing files in to & from the other folders they’re able to click on. The only thing they SHOULD be seeing - UPON login - is whatever files are or aren’t sitting in “shareddomain.com/ftp”.

I then attempted to setup a sub-domain ala “uploads.sharreddomain.com” which I assigned to the brand new USERNAME that I just created. Same problem - when logging in, it has access to the entire damn root directory as opposed to already & automatically being IN the “uploads.sharreddomain.com” folder.

So long story short, what in holy hell can or should I do here? For something as simple as just assigning a user FTP access to a ONE specific folder, there’s an inane amount of hoops you have to jump through… and from what I can tell thus far, still doesn’t actually give you the result that you want. I am frustrated beyond words right now and could really use some advice asap.

Thanks for any help!

  1. Setup a user without adding a domain.

  2. Ftp in and delete all files and folders in user’s HOME directory.

  3. Create a folder called “[color=#0000CC]ftp[/color]”.

4a. Create a file named “Do not upload here” in the root directory.
4b. Create a file named “Use ftp folder for uploads” in the root directory.

  1. Remap domain.com/path/folder > user/[color=#0000CC]ftp[/color]

Tell your friends to add the path [color=#00CC00]/ftp[/color] into their ftp client when setting it up. If they neglect to add the [color=#00CC00]/ftp[/color] path into their client, they will at least see the notice files saying “Do not upload here” “Use [color=#0000CC]ftp[/color] folder for uploads”


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