FTP user

Hi all,

I created a staging subdomain for a project. I now want to give the designer access to that subdomain via FTP. It’s not clear to me how I do this. I looked at the Users menu, but that appears to give admin rights to the subdomain. All I want to provide is FTP access.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



Give him the FTP password. If it’s your main user, go back and create a special user and Move that subdomain to that user.

Or jump through all of these hoops and use SFTP:

So lets say we set it up as that user having FTP access and we want to remove him from control and put someone else instead, if we simply change the ftp user under the domain name will that cause any problems? (ie directories or settings disappearing?)

The FTP user owns the directory your website is in. /home/FTPuser/example.com. So you can’t create a new FTP user, as that new user will have an empty directory. The way to transfer control is to change the FTP user password. You, as the account holder here, control access to your sites.