FTP User (URL)

I know this isn’t like super difficult, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

I created an FTP user access account for my girlfriend through the Dreamhost CP, and she can login and upload, etc.

I can’t figure out the URL to actually go to her uploads though.

Like when I upload things it’s Digishroom.com/whatever.ext

I tried all sorts of things to figure out hers – no dice. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Sean K.

Well when you created the user on your own account and i suppose you haven´t changed the group config… her files must be on /home/heruser

If you are asking where are the link on your domain, unless you have a domain for that user or a subdomain for that you cant see is files via http.


While it is not “super difficult”, what you are trying to do can get fairly complicated, especially if you are not familiar with *nix system permission, users, groups, etc. Because the files that she uploads belong to here user, unless you takes special steps with groups and permissions, your user will not be able to access them via ftp or the shell.

Secondly, as was correctly pointed out by vicm3, unless you take some steps to make her files available in a web accessible directory (reachable by an IP address or a domian, subdomian, etc.), there is no “easy” to view them from the web. With DH tools, you could arranage for re-mapping, symlinks, or other machination to put together a kludge, but it not trivial and really not very satisfactory in the long run given the perviously mentioned owner/permission problems. Alternatively, as was suggested also by vicm3, you could establish a domain or sub-domain to point to “her” user space.

That said, if what you really want to do is allow her to upload stuff, that then you can link to as you do on your website, there are better ways to accomplish that than using an ftp account, given the way DH is set up… I suggest you check out this thread describing a couple of ways to allow others to upload files to your web space, and offering a couple of solutions.

Another tool already referenced in these forums, and one I highly recommend for situations such as yours, is ffileman. If you want to explore further, just search this forum for posts in the last month for “ffileman”, and you will find several threas where similar to yours are discussed at greater length.

One word of caution is in order however, as you explore the forum looking for suggestions: PHP based programs (which include many commonly used file managers, CMS systems, etc.) will present further problems for you to deal with if you need to upload large files (> 7MB), due to file upload filesize limits of the Dreamhost installed PHP implementation. This should not be an issue if you only need to have users upload files smaller than that limit, but many hi-res photos and videos are larger than this. Perl based scripts, such as ffileman, do not have this limitation. Good Luck! :slight_smile: