FTP User Sub Folders Empty?

Yeah, well, around 9am CST, my site was working fine, then around 30 minutes later, I noticed that I couldn’t get on my site. I then went to all my other domains/subdomains, and they were all working fine, except for one user, which just happens to be my main user account, with the main website and forums. I went into the FTP, and that worked, but all the domains in that user were empty. I change my pass all the time, and the last time was like 3 days ago and they are always really random.
[Example: fdjakfDSJ485rjgGk498AZkjg]

Anyways, I checked out all my other users and they are working fine.

I wanted to know if this was a global issue with random users messing up b/c I had like 70 gigs on that user and now its all gone. Has this happened to anyone else?

I have sent in a support ticket, but I am just freakin out/paranoid b/c I do NOT wanna lose all my stuff. :frowning:

This does happen sometimes, especially if your server was failed over onto new hardware. You can probably just access your .snapshot backup directory through putty and move your site content back where it should be - or support should do it for you when they get your message.

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