FTP User Question

I’ve just recently registered with dreamhost and I’m trying to port my old site over. On my old site I had several user ftp’s that I used to allow colleagues to store files so that we can share them for various projects.

I am wondering how I can set it up in this manner.

My main domain is www.DukMedia.com
I have a subdomain users.DukMedia.com
Inside users.DukMedia.com there are several folders, for example users.DukMedia.com/bryan/

What I want is when Bryan logs in via ftp he only sees his folder. How can I do this? I checked the Wiki and it wasn’t very clear on how to accomplish anything besides giving a user access to an entire domain.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

When FTP users log in, they’ll always see their home directory, but FTP clients can be configured to go straight to a subdirectory.

Here’s a nice Wiki article on how to give each user a folder in your domain:


I know they always see their home directory, that wasn’t what I was asking.

That article looks like it will do the trick. I didn’t think of remapping the user, I was just looking for a way to give him direct access.
This should work, thanks. : )