FTP user permissions

I need to grant two users access to a single folder. User A will only have permission to see the contents and to download. User B will have permissions to do everything – upload, delete, rename etc.

When either user clicks an FTP link in Internet Explorer, I need that link to take them directly to the folder in question, not the root.

So User A with only “get” permission clicks that link, and an IE window opens up showing just that folder, from which they can download files. User B with all permissions does the same thing, and sees the same thing, but will be able to upload and delete files also.

I hope that description is clear.

What is the best way to do this using .htaccess and .htpasswd? or is there a better way?

Raw FTP protocol drops you into root. You have no control over that. It’s up to the FTP client to decide which directory to display by default.

To share a folder, try the UNIX Groups. You’ll have it owned by User B, but the Group Permissions set to Read Only.


Thanks Scott.

At my other hoster it is easy, in their control panel I can simply add a new FTP user and assign a folder to that user. Whenever they enter their login data, they are taken straight to that folder. Somehow it is done at the server side and it’s super convenient. After that it’s just a matter of setting permissions per user in .htaccess.

Anyway I will check out the UNIX Groups on your advice.