FTP User Home Directory


Okay, I must be missing something here.

When I create a user, ‘ohayden’ for example, his (my) Home Directory when loggin into his FTP account is ‘/home/ohayden’ - which essentially disallows me from uploading or changing anything in the home directory, which is where anything i want to appear on my website needs to be. I can’t navigate upwards in my FTP program, or it won’t let me.

So how the heck does an FTP user access /home?


FTP users can’t muck around in each others’ directories. If you want to do so, you need to both log in as the same user.



You could use an SSH/SFTP client. But then you will see that you cannot place files in /home as that is where all the users of the server have their user files.
As far as the user is concerned ‘/home/username’ is ‘home’ and ‘/home/username/example.com’ is where your web root directories start from.

So when an FTP user connects to the server he/she is already ‘home’.



Sorry, I thought you were talking about two separate FTP accounts.

I’m able to make changes in my /home/username directory. I’ve at least been able to rename directories for times I want to test out different versions of my site.



I have a question to go inline with this:

I have two different FTP users, the main website account and a second user that uploads files. the second user uploaded a lot of files that I now want to take and put into the website directy after seeing them, and make them be on the website.

is there away to either change the owner of the file so the website account can place them into his directory of the website or move the files into the website directory?