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Anyone know how to give an FTP user access to all or some of my domains on my account? Couldn’t find anything on this in the KB. Thanks

If you are talking about allowing a user to upload files to a domain, first create the user. Then edit the domain “Web” service so that the Web Directory is in the user’s home directory. Make sure if the user is to run scripts to check “enable CGI” and choose the same user as you did for the Web Directory. This will make that user the one responsible for managing the files for the domain. It may take a while before the web server starts to serve the files from the new location.

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It looks like you can only specify the files are to be served from one users account, no? Does this mean I can’t give someone access to upload/edit files such that I still have access myself? i.e. giving more than one person rights to upload to a given domain. Thanks for your reply.

[quote]Does this mean I can’t give someone access to upload/edit files such that I still have access myself?


Yeah, I still find it a bit … hmm … (figuring out the appropriate word). We can only “give away” access but not delegate them in a nested manner with sub-users.

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Will, is this so?

Even if I could change the home directory for a user on my account, that would suffice. But there’s no expert mode for the users panel that might allow me to change it.

Here’s the reply from support:

[quote]How do I give another FTP user access to all/some of my domains?


Our system only allows one user to upload a directory. You may change the
user that you wish to upload to a directory through the Domains::Manage
section of our Web Panel,
https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&. Click the
’Edit’ link from the Web Option. Select the desired user from the drop
down menu. Contact us if you have any additional questions.

There’s a pretty long thread which explains some various schemes for dealing with this problem.

I think it’s this one: