FTP user for subdomain?

I am totally perplexed as to how to set up an FTP account to access a subdomain, and only the subdomain.

I’ve tried multiple ways, and I end up with an FTP accoutn that doesn’t upload to the new domain.

I looked around the Knowledge Base and didn’t find what I needed.

What steps should I take in creating a subdomain, and a user for that subdomain that would allow access only to that subdomain?

I, too, would like to know this information! If anyone knows the answer, please respond!


Create a user who will have access to the new subdomain.

Create your subdomain. When you set that up you will be able to set up the path to that subdomain, that path determines who “owns” the domain.

example user: bob
subdomain might be: bobs.yourdomian.com

set it so path is /home/bob/bobs.yourdomain.com

That way, when “bob” ftps to bobs.yourdomain.com he sees only his subdomain and none of your other domains or the main domain.

Thank you so much! Sometimes, you just need a step-by-step guide. :slight_smile: Appricate it greatly.

I’d like to establish an “inbox” directory, and then allow various users to FTP into it. I don’t see how to set this up without dedicating a sub-domain for each user.

Can I do this?

Do you mean setting up subdirectories on one domain for separate users?


Where each can ftp to his/her directory and not see, or have access to others? Dreamhost isn’t really set up to allow you to do that. You can do it (again with the path structure), but you will end up with directories in your domain that you will not be able to access unless you log in as each of those users.

If you are talking about anonymous FTP, you can set that up from your panel.


I think raweb might be after a single common/shared FTP directory for different people to access. If that is the case, create a new FTP user, create a directory for that user to access and then let anyone needing FTP access to the new directory to log in as the new user.

Anonymous FTP is only available under Level 3 (Code Monster) and 4 (Strictly Business) plans.

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